The catchphrase of “busy”

Uncategorized Jun 23, 2022

We live in a world where we are bombarded with messages: TV, radio, billboards, email, social media, telephone calls, texts, clicking from one website to another. When does it stop? The thing is, a lot of what you are putting your time and energy into is not that important. When it comes down to it, 90 per cent or more of what you are bombarded with is other peoples’ requests of you. Can you stop and ask yourself what really needs your focus and attention right now? 

‘Are you busy?’ has become a common catchphrase, it’s almost a replacement for, ‘how are you?’ You wear it proudly like a badge of honour, but beneath the façade of, ‘yes, I’m so busy,’ is your foundation crumbling? Why are you continuing to put up with staying in the job you don’t like? Is it to pay for the large mortgage you have which gives you the home and lifestyle you think makes you happy? Are you staying in a relationship that is not serving you? Are you maintaining friendships that are not healthy? Are you jumping from one activity to the next, trying desperately to fill the emotional void inside of you? Doing, doing, doing, so much doing and what is it all really for?

Dysfunctional busy ends up as a debit account with yourself. Occasionally, it is OK to stretch yourself, but as a daily event, this runs thin very quickly. If you are stuck in this dysfunctional busy, things must change especially if it is in conjunction with feeling burnt out. Everything must come back to focus on you and your wellness; no exceptions and non-negotiable.

Creating dedicated time for you can be the chance for you to turn your life around, where you get to listen to what your soul truly needs. It will bring back your ability to honour the deepest care of you, allowing yourself restorative time and being open to others helping you. 

The greater the imbalance is in your life, the greater the need to have an emphasis on relaxation. You will probably feel extremely uncomfortable with this initially because it may feel so foreign to you, but stay with deeply nurturing the parasympathetic nervous system, for it will transform your life and help you to experience this healthy art of receiving in a whole new way. 


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