The art of resting first, doing later

Uncategorized Jun 27, 2022

I want to pose something to you today and ask that you answer honestly. Do you ever find yourself saying, ‘I’ll just quickly finish some of the things on my to-do list and then I’ll have a rest?’ How often does that mean that the rest never comes, and this pattern repeats itself over and over? Is there an undercurrent going on that says you can’t stop until it’s all done?

BUT what is really on that to-do list? Is it for you or all about others? And if it is for you, does a lot of it come from others expectations of you?

What is it that stops you from allowing time for yourself, to stop and be? 


  • fear of other people’s judgements of you
  • feeling like you’re being lazy
  • an undercurrent of perfectionism, saying you can’t leave things undone
  • feeling like you don’t have enough time to stop and rest
  • not being able to unwind enough to be able to stop
  • not wanting to become quiet by listening to those crazy thoughts in your head.

These are all signs that you need to make a serious shift in your life and come back to a place of deeply valuing your needs. This first step is to be conscious of making decisions that support you from this day forward. Part of this conversation is to also develop an awareness of the type of payoff you may be getting to stay in the old, stuck pattern, so that you can work through that emotion and allow yourself to open into what is right for you. 

Simple things such as being aware if you are tired and need to rest, will allow you to create life-changing behaviours. Catch yourself when you’re tired or when you find yourself wanting to push through, and decide to do something differently. Rest first, then carry on.


Much love,


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