Wellness expert, burnout recovery coach and soul aligned living mentor,  
Lisa Callinan, invites you to apply for your:


Let go of the drain of exhaustion, chronic busyness and people pleasing and allow yourself to breathe again as you deeply honour your own needs and self-care. 


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Let's map out a plan to shift you from chronically stressed and over it to energized and empowered about your life. 



Let's enter into a soul aligned match, creating the divinely lead life that you desire with a healthy purpose and mission and the vitality and aliveness to carry it out.   

I am here to coach and support you by: 

Bringing a deep, holistic knowledge of mind-body medicine through 25+ years’ experience and study in an extensive range of healing modalities enabling you to create positive change sooner rather than later.

Using my intuition and sensitivity to see the root of your old patterns and how you can change them, allowing you to let go of what no longer serves you and ignite the freedom to follow the calling of your own soul. 

Guiding you to activate the innate power that lives inside of you without rescuing or fixing you, instead equipping you with the tools to empower your own life and awaken the soul-aligned being who is already sitting there inside of you. 

Drawing on my own experience with burnout and severe adrenal fatigue and a successful recovery from it, with years of dedicated research and understanding about what goes on with a stressed body and what you need to do to come out of cycles of stress long-term and live a life of energy and vitality! 

Bringing my role as an intuitive coach and transformational teacher to guide you to change not only on a superficial level, but activating you to make life-enhancing, long-lasting changes that work on a deep, cellular level, aligning you with your true purpose and mission here on this planet.


  • Founder of www.healingfromburnout.cominspiring women to free themselves from the burdens of chronic stress and people pleasing, allowing them to reclaim their health and natural vitality, empower their life from the inside out and ignite their soul and spirit to return to their authentic self.

  • Excited about the release of her upcoming book “Break Free From Burnout” in late 2024. 

  • Burnout recovery coach, intuitive holistic counsellor and soul-aligned living mentor. As well as facilitating deep physical, emotional and spiritual healing to help women clear old burnout patterns for good, she now also serves visionary leaders to claim their purpose and mission. 
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